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Get to Know Us! At The Readers Paradise, we believe in creating relationships than associations. Our mission is to produce innovative and informative products in various fields that help people enhance their knowledge and skill-set. The objective is also to promote “young minds” to write and share their experience, feeling and thought process.
The Readers Paradise is subsidiary of Friends Publications (India) with an experience of publishing activities of around two decades ago. The publishing was started from a small office in Delhi in the focusing only one subject i.e. Physical Education and gradually we established ourself into a well known name for providing books and research material throughout Asia.
After setting up in the field of Physical Education, we diversified ourself into other subjects. Now we have over 1000 reference and text books in the discipline of Physical Education, Sports Science, Education, Psychology, Engineering, Library Science, History, Political Science, Law, Defence Studies, Business Management, Mathematics, Hotel Management and Tourism, Mass Media & Journalism, Food Science & Nutrition, English & Hindi Literature, Ayureveda, Yoga, Sciences, Religion & Philosophy.

Fiction & Non-Fiction and Self Help.
With a wide network of marketing, The Readers Paradise is a well-known name in the publishing industry and the company is growing fast ahead with the cooperation and togetherness from our authors, industry and clients have let us reach new heights.

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