Anthropogenic Pollution Causes and Concern

Author: Arun Arya , Saikat Kumar Basu

The global environment has been going through significant challenges in recent times due to a number of factors such as industrial pollution, expansion of agricultural land way beyond the fringe forest zones, destruction of virgin forests, loss of quality agricultural lands due to soil erosion, loss of global wildlife and biodiversity, climate change, global warming, devastating forest fires, floods, draughts, melting of glaciers to mention only a handful. The list could possibly go on and on with never ending items being added covering every aspect of modern human life. But there is an important underlying hidden factor behind all these that we all need to identify and realize. The most alarming fact about this hidden factor is that they are all directly or indirectly impacted by human activities in some way or other.

ISBN: 978-93-85958-00-7



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