Information and Communication Technology Application in LIS

Author: Dr. N. Ashok Kumar

Technology is changing the nature of libraries and librarians, and it continues to exert a major influence on the strategic direction of libraries in society. Today, the library services are transitioning from local traditional collections to global resources provided on demand via the most advanced networking technologies. It is now possible to retrieve information independently of time zones and geographical location, and to obtain the most up to date information from the form of the library without walls, or the virtual library. The present publication Information Technology and Library Services' mainly highlights and focuses on the role of IT revolution which has globally changed the functions and working of the present day libraries and information centers from manual to digital. And certainly the modern technology used to create digital libraries has been even more revolutionary. With the advent of computer and optical technologies available for mass storage has shifted mostly to electronic media. This book has been designed as a manual which seeks to explore the technological changes which have invaded the field of library science most notably that of information system management.“The impact of Information Technology is now being visible among the people who are using computers in library for advancement and up-gradation of traditional knowledge resource. It has become a necessity in present day context.



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