Author: Rai Singh

Awareness of sexuality and its relation to health is the key factor in the book. It is a wake-up call because the healthy and natural sex has taken the place of paraphilia and the health of the people is deteriorating day by day. I have used some sexual terminology to make the subject crystal clear. I have not given a glossary to prod or nudge the readers to form the habit of looking up dictionaries. You will immensely enjoy the book once you have understood the terminology. I have devoted my life to English and it is my love for English that prompted me to write this book hence I dedicate this book to the English language that has made the world a global village. The book is my billet-doux ( love letter ) to the readers. I have blended.

Contents: Difference Between a Man and A Woman  Foreplay ( Sexual Play ) Obesity Rape Kissing Orgasm Penile Erection Sex ( Sexual Intercourse ) Marriage Menstruation Aging Woman Effects of Drinking and Smoking on Sexuality and Overall Health AIDS  Aphrodisiacs  Hirsutism in Women  Love Old age is no Hindrance to Sexual Enjoyment  Multiple Births

ISBN 9789382110873



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