Author: Quddus Khan

This book is intended to serve as a Textbook for Undergraduate and Post - graduate students of Mathematics. It will be useful to the researchers working in the field of Differential geometry and its applications to general theory of relativity and other applied areas. It will also be helpful in preparing for the competitive examinations like IAS, IES, NET, PCS, and UP Higher Education exams. 

The text starts with a chapter on Preliminaries discussing basic concepts and results which would be taken for general later in the subsequent chapters of this book. This is followed by the Study of the Tensors Algebra and its operations and types, Christoffel's symbols and its properties, the concept of covariant differentiation and its properties, Riemann's symbols and its properties, and application of tensor in different areas in part – I and the study of the Theory of Curves in Space, Concepts of a Surface and Fundamental forms, Envelopes and Developables, Curvature of Surface and Lines of Curvature, Fundamental Equations of Surface Theory, Theory of Geodesics, Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Manifold and Application of Differential Geometry in Part –II. 

KEY FEATURES: Provides basic Concepts in an easy to understand style; Presentation of the subject in a natural way; Includes a large number of solved examples and illuminating illustrations; Exercise questions at the end of the topic and at the end of each chapter; Proof of the theorems are given in an easy to understand style; Neat and clean figures are given at appropriate places; Notes and remarks are given at appropriate places.

ISBN: 978-93-89055-08-5 

Year: 2019



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